About Us

About Us

Our real estate team is as much about great people as it is about lifechanging investments. These are the passionate professionals who work tirelessly to negotiate the best deals on your behalf. They’re highly skilled and trained in various relevant fields of business. Our distinguished executives specialize in residential and commercial real estate, property law, investments, fractional sharing and LLCs. The list goes on, as do their accomplishments, recognitions and public credentials. They have bought and sold property all over the world, bringing mountains of knowledge and experience to Rocky Point Best.
Rocky Point Best Team


Kenneth Wallace (Licensed Realtor/Owner)

In the bustling Rocky Point property market that is attracting talent from the world over, Kenneth is in a league of his own. A true real estate prodigy and marketing guru, he sports a resume that covers every aspect of the buying and selling spectrum.

Kenneth has been involved in Rocky Point real estate since early on when the now highly coveted Sandy Beach was still just that –– a sandy beach. Kenny, as he’s known to his friends and colleagues, literally witnessed the birth of Rocky Point from nothing into the thriving beach resort that it is now.

An explorer at heart, his venturous spirit saw him head businesses in the United States and as far as Europe; but not before he made his mark as an A-List Realtor in Rocky Point, selling tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Large commercial properties to small studios, lots and penthouses –– if something needs selling, Kenny is your man!

Kenny’s passion and devotion to his clients can be seen from a mile away. He goes to extreme lengths to educate clients, and firmly believes that good purchase decisions come from complete understanding and transparency. His candor and obsessively ethical approach makes him a favorite with buyers from US and other countries.

Joseph Toland (Broker/Licensed Realtor)

After attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, Joseph went on to manage sales teams and customer service departments for some of the most respected businesses in the country.

As experience is paramount to him both professionally and personally, Joseph traveled extensively before settling in Rocky Point, a place that has captured his imagination since the late 80s, when he used to visit with family.

Joseph has witnessed first-hand the amazing transformation of Rocky Point from a small coastal town into the luxury resort it is today.

Since 2004, Joseph has sold some of the most lucrative prime real estate in Rocky Point, closing millions of dollars in real estate transactions. Thanks to his local expertise, Joseph is a favorite with buyers as well as sellers looking for a safe transaction and good deal!

He is also a member of the original AMPI group that helped standardize real estate transactions in the Puerto Penasco property market, effectively masterminding a reliable and secure framework for real estate investors.

Joseph’s consummate understanding of the legal aspect of business coupled with close ties to attorneys gives him unequalled advantage in commercial transactions of all sizes.

Sarina Brown (Licensed Realtor)

You would be hard-pressed to find a more trusted authority on Rocky Point real estate. Her entire life, since she first established realty practice 2 decades ago, has systemically revolved around the real estate discipline.

At the intersection where investing, residential and commercial experience meet, you’ll find Sarina Brown, B.S, B.A. Over the last decade, she has worked hand in hand with both Long Realty Rocky Point and Realty Executives, gaining experience to best serve your real estate needs.

Sarina reaches out and helps buyers find the perfect property, using her ineffable charm and unequalled customer service skills to navigate the vastly complex and rapidly growing real estate sector in Puerto Penasco.

Her specific interests revolve around commercial and new development projects in both the US and Mexico. From purchasing, selling and LLCs, to fractional sharing, investing and luxury beach properties; her passion really makes a big difference to the buyers and sellers she represents in a broad spectrum of real estate deals.

Sarina is also a board member of AMPI, Puerto Penasco’s local real estate association.

Christopher Guarino (Licensed Realtor)

You think you have a basic understanding of the world, then you meet Christopher and nothing makes sense anymore. He’s our resident polymath who studied Computer Science but chose to work in real estate. And he refuses to tell us why.

Born in New York, Chris drifted across the country looking for answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. All his questions were answered when he met his beautiful wife, Bogusia, in Rocky Point 8 years ago. They live in Rocky Point and have a 2-year old daughter, Yulia.

Christopher’s eclectic professional history includes owning an electronics installation company from 2003 to 2012. Between 2012 and 2015, he worked with several real estate companies on the title side of real estate. He also worked as a loan officer in New York, Chicago and Arizona before moving back to Puerto Penasco at the end of 2015 to focus on selling real estate.

David Carlson (Licensed Realtor)

David is from Phoenix, Arizona and is a graduate of Arizona State University. He started his real estate career in 2005 with Homesmart Realty and has worked with many buyers and sellers in helping them to accomplish their goals. He has been coming down to Puerto Penasco since the 1970’s and fell in love with the small town atmosphere. He is bi-lingual and and is eager to help his clients with finding their dream home at the best possible price in the right location.

He realizes that buying property in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) is a sound investment as well as a great place to vacation or retire. He feels it is very important to first educate the buyer on the process of buying property in Mexico.. He works with sellers to sell their homes, condos or land in getting the best offer in the shortest time frame. He believes in teamwork working with his fellow agents in helping solve the clients problems and making their dreams a reality.

David’s hobbies include attending sporting events, playing tennis, going to concerts. Before his real estate career he was a letter carrier for 28 years.


John Thompson (Chief Financial Officer/Licensed Realtor)

John M. Thompson Jr. is the CFO for Rocky Point Best and is a pronounced Organizational Developer; He holds his B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Aviation Management. John has recently retired from the Federal Aviation Administration as a Senior Executive, where he spent over 34 years working in every facet of the United States Government creating, developing and mentoring organizations in efficient and effective operations as it pertains to examining the way they do business.

In speaking with John he stated “My vision is to help organizations see that they need to view things both tactically and strategically to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. One of my strong points are that I pride myself in my ability to help others see their capabilities to contribute no matter how great or how small all play a part in success”. John went on to say that he has a beautiful and loving wife that he has been married to for over 31 years, and quoting John again he said “Without her I wouldn’t be who I am she has kept me steady in my faith, blessed me with raising 4 remarkable children that have made me very proud as a father and she continues to always surprise me.” 

Patricia Thompson (Office Manager/Licensed Realtor)

Patricia specializes in finding needles in haystacks the size of Mount Rainer. She can best be described as a walking, talking version of Evernote. Not only does she keep the front office humming along nicely, she does it with astonishing grace and steadfastness. This should come as no surprise given her Bachelor Degree in Nursing/Administration.

In her previous life, she’s served as a Director of Nursing at BOP, and Regional Director for GEO Group, Inc. She is also a self-confessed hopeless romantic who enjoys dancing, walking on the beach and riding bike with her husband.

Yoselin Estudillo (Coordination Assistant/Licensed Realtor)

Yoselin has a positive attitude and commitment to work to overcome any challenge, Yoselin, Coordinator at Rocky Point Best has an extensive background in marketing, social media and as a closing coordinator. She has three years of experience in the Real Estate field and as a member of the Youth Parliament of Mexico she has the ability to listen and discern any problem you may have, ''Listen to the whispers and Never Have to hear the screams'' that is the key to provide you the Best service. She is currently attending university for renewable energy Engineering.

Legal and Tax Advisors

Pablo J Davila LL. M. (Legal Advisor)

Pablo is one of the few lawyers out there who gets it!. Don’t let his attending the University of Sonora’s School of Law fool you –– or the Master’s degree in International Trade Law from University of Arizona, for that matter. Pablo is not your average, garden-variety legal advisor. He’s drafted more contracts than you’ve had pieces of chicken wings and can document the purchase of a private island in Rocky Point faster than you can drive thru a McDonald’s. A lawyer with commercial smarts and a good heart! That’s rare enough, but Pablo pairs all of his legal awesomeness with an incredibly deep understanding of real estate and tax law, condominium regimes, and the working process of the notary public in Mexico.

L.A.E. Silvia Guerrero (Legal Advisor)

Think of all the words that throw us non-legal-savvy folks off balance –– Silvia chomps through them like popcorn. From preparation of documents required by the escrow company to coordination between real estate agents, attorneys, Notario’s and clients, Silvia breezes through complex legal work at the speed of light.

“Wonderful; Amazing; Excellent” – These are the three words most frequently exclaimed by Silvia’s clients when referring to her work. She’s an ace in our books and hands down one of the best legal advisors we know. Silvia is also an expert in matters related to Mexican immigration.

  • US: 602-449-0596 FAX:602-296-0293
  • MX: 638-383-5777 MX Cell: 638-109-0702
  • MAILING: Blvd. Fremont y Nuevo Leon, Esq. Col. Benito Juarez, Puerto Peñasco, C.P. 83550/P.O. Box 258, Lukeville, AZ 85341

Lic. Jorge Valdes (Legal Advisor)

As managing partner of REAL Consulting, Jorge is an avant-garde attorney, real estate and taxation guru. Apart from his well-deserved reputation as a legal planning/real estate acquisition consultant, Jorge is a ‘people’s man’ and very friendly. He is a graduate of University of Akron (USA), and Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. His 23 years of professional experience ties a neat little bow around the question of why you should contact him immediately.

CPA Gaby Valdes (Tax Advisor)

Gaby Morales is one of our Accounting and Taxation partners, a business consulting veteran of the kind they don’t make anymore. Clients rave about the attention and care, coupled with tons of experience and knowledge, whichshe brings to every piece of work. She’s a graduate of Universidad de Sonora and a Managing Partner at REAL Consulting – a premier consultancy firm specializing in taxation, accounting and legal services.

Suzeth Quintana (Legal Advisor)

A Puerto Penasco native with a background of complex real estate law experience in Mexico, Suzeth has developed serious expertise in the closing coordination, escrow services, LLC services, Mexican corporations and migratory services. She’s eerily smart – in an Ally McBeal sort of way – and is the complete real estate attorney. You don’t know what you’re missing unless you talk to her.