The 3-Step Plan for Buying a Second Home Abroad

Sandy Beach Aerial Photo in rocky Point Mexico

More and more Americans are taking the leap of buying a second home abroad give that the U.S dollar is still strong and the significant decline of property prices in some international markets during the financial crisis. In recent years,…

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Rocky Point: A Quick History

Puerta Privada Resort on Sandy Beach Resort View

Formed in 1928, Rocky Point is often named as one of the youngest cities in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Even though, it was given the official status of the city in 1928, the small towns of miners were already…

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The Ultimate Vacation Destination in Our Backyard

Sonoran Sky Resort Aerial View from the Ocean

Arizona’s backyard, that is. Most call it “Rocky Point,” but Arizonans call it “Arizona Beach” because a lot of them…. well, beach themselves there because it has gorgeous beaches. And since it’s cheap, Rocky Point is the go-to spot for…

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